Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Reviews: The Camerawalls Visayan Tour

I'm fan since I heard their single 'Clinically Dead for 16 hours' with those relaxing melody and catchy lyrics. I grew up listening to The Smith and The Beatles(my father is a big fan) which I think these band influences. The Camerawalls is an Indie Band based in Manila formed by the frontman/songwriter Clementine (formerly from Orange and Lemons). They currently have their on going tour "PAMAGDOY” : The Camerawalls Visayan Tour. Their  1st stop was in Cebu and yes, I watched the show(alone!) at the Handuraw Pizza Gorordo. It was my first time seeing this beautiful band. Here's some snaps I took:

Clem is so cool when much energy on this guy! payter!

and i bought their merch..

I enjoyed their music and performance that night and I guess everyone does! \m/

Written by: Joie Arevalo


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